A Letter from the EVP for Research

Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology is about finding connections between diverse ideas and disciplines. Those links are where breakthrough discoveries are possible that will enable humanity to continue growing safer, healthier, and wealthier over time. There is no shortage of these ideas at Georgia Tech.

Chapter 1: Framing the Research Landscape

Research Next started with one question: If we were to develop the university research enterprise from scratch, what would it look like? This question arises from the growing complexity and interconnectedness of modern research universities.

Chapter 2: The World Beyond

This chapter analyzes the external global factors that are beyond the control of any individual research university, but which affect how these universities function. Specifically, we address how evolving conditions could shape the topics, methods, funding, partnerships, and other resources important to conducting research.

Chapter 3: Research that Matters

This chapter identifies grand challenges, emerging topics, and requisite methods that will be addressed at major research universities. By tackling these areas, leading research universities will enhance society by fostering discovery through curiosity-driven research.

Chapter 4: Working with Others

This chapter focuses on university partnerships, analyzing the connection between research, education, and the value flow between them. In particular, it addresses the question of how research universities can cultivate a portfolio of purposeful strategic relationships, amplifying impact across individual, institutional, city, state, regional, national, and global dimensions.

Chapter 5: The World Within

This chapter examines the explicit and implicit functions and structures employed by the university research ecosystem to carry out its mission.


Chapter 6: Closing Remarks

A core thesis of this landscape analysis is that research universities have a key role to play in addressing the dominant opportunities and challenges facing society, including climate change, equity, health and aging, security, maintaining peace, and strengthening our democratic institutions.