The Commission on Research Next has developed 16 goals for the Georgia Tech research enterprise that align with the six themes laid out in the Institute’s strategic plan.

  1. Pioneer new directions of research that fully leverage our educational mission.
  2. Champion public service for the greater good through thought leadership, and strategic long-term relationships with federal, southeastern, Georgian, and Atlanta stakeholders.
  3. Actively and intentionally promote and market our research brand to local, national, and global audiences.
  4. Amplify Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary and collaborative culture and structures to drive discovery and enable innovation, including deep integration of the social sciences and humanities. 
  5. Georgia Tech is an integral part of a network of private and public partners, enabling innovative solutions for Atlanta, Georgia and the United States.
  6.  The Research and the Atlanta fine arts communities are mutually invigorated and inspired by being deeply engaged and connected.
  7. Georgia Tech is a nation leading research university substantively advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  8. Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Region are a global R&D Hub.
  9. Amplify Georgia Tech’s ability to broaden access channels through community collaborations and partnerships.
  10. Embody the rich demographic diversity of the Southeast to amplify our role as a national leader in diversity across the research enterprise.
  11. Expand access to and awareness of our research outcomes and impacts.
  12. All members of the research enterprise feel empowered, engaged and  contributing to research excellence at Georgia Tech.
  13. GT research enterprise is fully integrated into the breadth of athletics campus community.
  14. The GT research enterprise exemplifies a culture that nurtures and develops a diverse, world-class research workforce.
  15. Maximize institutional agility that promotes a transdisciplinary culture, characterized by deliberate coordination, and innovation.
  16. Utilize our campus and data as a living lab to incubate ideas and pilot new approaches to innovation.